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Dr. Ambrosoli Memorial Hospital Kalongo (DAMHK) was founded in 1957 by Fr. Dr. Giuseppe Ambrosoli of the Comboni Missionaries. It is a Private Not for Profit Health provider and a member of the network of Catholic health facilities under the coordination of UCMB.

The legal and registered owner of the hospital is the Catholic Diocese of Gulu.

Dr. Ambrosoli Memorial Hospital is a complex comprising of the Health service delivery wing and the Health training wing.



Health service delivery

The health service delivery wing has 271 beds; distributed through Surgical, Medical, Pediatrics, Obstetrics/Gynecology, and Private Wards. It offers general health care services ranging from curative, promotive, preventive and rehabilitative services as well as serving as a site for MOH specialist medical camp activities. The approach of Kalongo hospital is to supplement the governments’ efforts in health service provision

Health training

The health training wing has a Specialized Midwifery training school, which offers both certificate and Diploma courses. And now to come, is to offer bachelor degree course.

"Service with Love and Humility"

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The Hospital lies at the base of Mountain Oret, the "Mountain of the Wind"
Located in Oret kalongo Town Council Agago District
P.O.BOX 47, Kalongo
Agago District,
Northern Uganda
+256 (0)392177239
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