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The Board of Governors

The Board of Governors (BoG) is the supreme policy maker and controlling body of Dr. Ambrosoli Memorial Hospital and St. Mary's Midwifery Training School, while the Hospital Management Team is fully responsible for all operational aspects of the hospital and the school.

The minimum number of BoG meetings to be held in a year is two, as enshrined in the hospital Statute. The Statute further enumerates 3 key thematic committees that have to be in place and functioning: Human Resources &Disciplinary Committee, Finance Committee and School Committee. The BoG can appoint additional committees if needed. Their role is to examine in advance reports and proposals from the Management and to present comments and suggestions to the BoG during the plenary meetings.

The Hospital Management Team

The Hospital Management Team headed by the Chief Executive Officer is the body responsible for decision making on all matters regarding the hospital and the school. 
The Hospital Management Team collectively shares the task of achieving the strategic objectives and the specific targets decided by the Board of Governors. It is granted operational autonomy within the scope of the hospital strategic plan, approved policies, manuals and procedures. The Hospital Management Team meets at least once every month. The core members of the Hospital Management Team are:

  • The Chief Executive Officer
  • The Medical Director
  • The Administrator
  • The Senior Nursing Officer
  • The Principal Tutor of the School