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Commemorating Fr. Dr. Ambrosoli's passing

On Monday 27 March 2017, it was exactly 30 years ago that the person whose name is commemorated in the Hospital's name, has passed away in Lira. Fr. Giuseppe Ambrosoli was known for his selfless dedication in serving the poor population of Kalongo, and indeed that of the whole of Uganda and surrounding countries, as patients travelled from all over to be helped by the father.

The passing of Dr. Ambrosoli was remembered on Sunday 26 March 2017, through a service commemorating his life and passing led by the Bishop of the Archdiocese of Gulu his Grace John Baptist Odama, a procession to Dr. Ambrosoli's grave, and speeches by several people, amongst others Dr. Ambrosoli's niece Giovanna, the Hospital's current and future CEO, the bishops of Gulu and Lira, and father Egilio Tocalli -who was Dr. Ambrosoli's successor as CEO of the Hospital.

About Fr. Dr. Ambrosoli

Father Giuseppe has managed to build a small dispensary in Kalongo to a 300-bed hospital, providing professional medical assistance for the local population and in particular for the weakest and most vulnerable groups, such as women and children.

In 1987, the civil war that raged through the northern districts of Uganda led to the forced evacuation of the Hospital by the military, who gave Father Ambrosoli 24 hours to clear the hospital and take away the sick.

After succeeding in finding a solution that would guarantee a future for the Midwifery School, in which he had believed so strongly, Father Giuseppe – worn out and suffering – died in Lira on 27 March 1987.

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